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Journal of an ex-Game Design student.

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Twenty-one years old marks a new beginning.

You can call me Spirit... or at least you can until you find out my real name, which is bandied about plenty on the journal itself. Recent graduate of a game design course, aspiring writer for games and literature, and a follower of the cult of P. Currently finding my footing in a strange and frightening place and befriending hookers and vagabonds alike in a mean part of town.

I write about pretty much everything from status reports on current life to pensive, rambling, defiantly unedited mindsplurges. I also write about games, so bear with me on that if you haven't touched a control pad since Pong.

As I have not run afoul of obsessive stalker types (and relatives refuse to get free LJ accounts), journal remains mostly stranger-friendly. Go ahead and say hi.

That is all.
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